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Here he is with Cookie Monster. Impossible, the more brutal operative schtick in The Bourne Legacy and then he cemented the whole thing as Hawkeye, the cool, quiet member of the Avengers in the sleeveless top. But right now it's probably Gatsby, for the impeccable weekend attire and slicked hair. We love a man in uniform. Obviously Wolverine, but more specifically the X2 vintage, where he spends most of the movie in a vest looking worried about people. And aren't you impressed we got the whole way through this blurb without ever alluding to his full-frontal shot in Shame?

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Bonus points or possibly, whatever the opposite of bonus points would be for getting some Billy Bob butt on screen at the same time.

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As Sherlock and Tony Stark, he dispelled forever the notion that inventors should be anything but a mega-babe. The once and former R. There must have been some sort of mistake. The Hurt Locker brought Renner to the limelight after years of supporting roles, and suddenly he was everywhere. The "strutting" one is probably the funniest. The reason Tom Hardy is so dang attractive is because he combines a bull-like exterior with a gooey, big-hearted interior — at least onscreen. And boy, that mid-Atlantic accent goes back a long way.

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