Sperm testing in inverness

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More than fourteen units per week equivalent to about seven pints of normal-strength beer or fourteen small glasses of wine may interfere with optimum fertility. You will be given a specimen pot. This is because it takes three months for a new cycle of sperm to be made. This article is for information only and should not be used for the diagnosis or treatment of medical conditions. Losing weight may help. If a semen analysis does need to be repeated, it is usual to wait for three months. If the test results show that the specimen was not normal, you may be asked to repeat the process.

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The pot which contains the sample should not be left out in the cold but should be kept warm - for example, in a jacket pocket.

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Sperm Test (Semen Analysis)

Sperm are made in the testes, which are in the scrotum. Produce semen by masturbation into the pot. Look at the shape of sperm. If you smoke, you should stop completely for optimum sperm production. It may be worth repeating to check this.

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sperm testing in inverness
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sperm testing in inverness
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