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Get on all fours, then put your face down on your bed or floor so your backside is higher in the air. And 24 Other Nipple Facts Breastfeeding, fat tissue, vessel for expression - nipples are a wondrous and complicated body part. Your clitoris is packed with thousands of nerve endings, making it the most sensitive part of your genitals. Squatting makes it easier for you to locate your G-spot, which is about 2 to 3 inches inside your vaginal canal. Consider erotica or pornography. Pour the lube all over your body — your breasts, belly, inner thighs, and vulva — and start sliding your hands over these erogenous zones. Some people, for example, like to stimulate themselves by using a showerhead on their clitoris or rubbing their vulva against a pillow.

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How to Masturbate with a Vagina: 28 Tips and Tricks for Solo Play

You can still get off through anal play by indirectly stimulating the G-spot through the wall shared between the rectum and vagina. Using a vibrator is a great way to stimulate your clitoris without having to overwork your fingers. Here's why you should be getting busy when you first wake up, some easy positions, and…. You can rub, pinch, pull, squeeze, or tug your nipples, inner thighs, ears, neck, and other parts of your body during solo play. But if you want to see stars, experiment with stimulating your G-spot — a pleasure point on your vaginal wall — with consistent, heavy pressure doing so may also lead to ejaculation! When it comes to anal play, face-down doggy style opens you up for so much pleasure. You can use both hands to play with your vagina and your clitoris, or a combo of sex toy and fingers.

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